Help for Helpers

Are you a therapist with compassion fatigue, imposter syndrome, or just feeling alone as a clinician?

  • Are you a therapist filling several different roles and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you find yourself forgetting client details in session?
  • Do you still look forward to going to the office?
  • Are you considering leaving private practice or the field?
  • Do you feel burned out?
  • Do you feel like you have nothing left to give others in your life?
  • Do you feel supported in your own life?

You wake up tired, and feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. You look back on your day, and it’s a blur. You can’t find the motivation to get those treatment plans or notes completed. The phone rings, and you dread answering the call. You see your colleagues and think you aren’t qualified to do this work like they are. You feel you have depleted any ability to feel compassion.

You feel like you can’t find the time for therapy when you are already behind on many other tasks. You justify not scheduling an appointment because you have the tools, and you should just be able to use them. It might feel awkward to see a therapist, and worry about future dual relationships or feeling judged. These are normal feelings for most therapists. You are not alone, although you may feel lonely. Just as you tell your clients to put the oxygen mask on themselves first, it is important you model this practice.

It is okay to take care of yourself first. It is important to allow empathy for yourself. You will find when you allow yourself compassion and healing, you will find increased satisfaction in your work as a therapist. Your positive energy and health will resonate with your clients, family, friends, colleagues, and everyone you encounter. You will feel rejuvenated and focused on your clients. You will be able to identify your issues, and keep them separate from your clients.

Common Concerns About Therapy

Do you struggle with finding time for your own therapy? As a clinician, you understand the importance of self care. You encourage your clients to put the oxygen mask on themselves first so they are able to be sustainable in their roles. You deserve self care also. Your knowledge and experience is valuable to so many who seek your help. You must put the oxygen mask on yourself first so you may continue to help others and sustain your momentum in your calling. You can prioritize your care for your wellness and for your clients. You have taken the first step by visiting this website. Let me help you find time for your own care.

Are you concerned you won’t be able to get out of your own head as a therapist? This will likely be a struggle. Being a therapist is part of who you are, and is not easy to turn off especially in a therapeutic setting. I recognize this struggle and will create a safe healthy and positive environment where you can freely be you without judgement.

Are you concerned with seeing a therapist because you know all the therapists in your area? This is a common concern. I offer online therapy for therapists in Illinois and International concerned with seeing a therapist with whom they would have a dual relationship.

You can center yourself, feel rejuvenated, compassionate, and qualified again. You are not alone. Call today to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards finding peace and confidence.