Military Transitions

Military Transitions

Are you a military spouse, partner, child, or parent struggling with the transitions and expectations of the military culture?

  • Are you feeling like a fish out of water navigating how to create a sense of stability and normalcy for your family while meeting the needs of the military?
  • Do you feel alone?
  • Do you feel like everyone else has got it together as a spouse while you are alone struggling?
  • Did your spouse come home from deployment a different person?
  • Are your children struggling in school or making friends?
  • Are you struggling making friends?

You feel like you are alone as a new spouse or as a seasoned spouse at a new base. You put your focus on creating the new house a home for your loved ones. You hope the curtains you love will fit the windows in your new house, and that the couch fits. It is hard, but you try to build excitement and opportunity for your children struggling with the transition. This adds another level of stress. You may feel like other spouses are judging you and your ability to adjust.

As you are adjusting to meeting your expectations as a military spouse, seeking therapy may feel like an unattainable goal right now. You feel obligated to care for everyone else first. You are not alone. Many spouses, new and seasoned, experience many of the same feelings as you. The pressure to appear to have it together and be a super human is intense. Everyone has struggles, some the same and some different.

I can personally attest to the struggles and pressures a military spouse experiences. My spouse is now retired from the military, but the connection gained with other spouses never fades.

Seeking help and support can help you change your outlook on your life and role as a military spouse. You can feel empowered, refreshed, and optimistic. Sometimes hearing what you already know from another person can help you feel re-energized and motivated. It can help to talk it out and put priorities into perspective. You can begin to fill your void and find yourself embracing the very special cohesive group- the military spouses.

Common Concerns About Therapy

Will coming to therapy impact my spouse’s career? It should not negatively impact your spouse’s military career. In some cases, it may impact where your family’s next assignment will be. The military wants to ensure members’ and dependents’ needs are supported. They would not want to send you to a base or post that does not have counseling services nearby should you require continued treatment.

What if someone who knows me sees me entering your office? We share an office building with a Chiropractor. So others would not know which service you are here for. We also offer telehealth with online and telephonic sessions to meet your privacy and scheduling needs.

How can I find time for therapy when I am already overwhelmed and behind in other responsibilities? You must put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you are able to care for others. You are investing in yourself. Making time for therapy sessions feels like giving your mind, body, and spirit an overhaul. You need to clean the gunk out so you can run like new.

You don’t have to feel alone. You can feel optimistic and fulfilled as a military spouse. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.